2nd Jan 2020, 2:12 AM

Head home

Head home
"I'm, uh..." You mull it over for a moment. "I'm just gonna head home."

As the bus travels, you look back at Franklin. You take a deep breath... and muster up the courage to talk to him. "What do you think about haunted houses...?"

"Depends on the house," he says simply, before adding, "Depends on the ghost. They're just memories--like photos of moments that took a life of their own. Not all are bad memories. ...Not all are good ones, either."

"You're not planning to check out that old library, are you?" Maria asks.

"You could do worse for ghosts in this town," Franklin states. "Rats, on the other hand..."

"I saw a rat the size of a pit bull in that neighborhood," Maria says. "Never go that far north if you can help it."

"You should see the rats in the cities," Franklin replies. He gives a faint smirk. "Rats bigger than a man."

Maria shakes her head. "I can't tell if you're for real right now or if that's another of your metaphors."

The bus chimes in. "I've not seen one myself, but there's buses in the Chariot MT network closer to the capital. They've seen rats that size."

"Damn," concludes Maria. "Yeah, screw all of that."

Franklin nods slowly. "What does not kill makes one stronger, and all those unregulated power stations try so very hard to kill everything. Rats. Birds. People. I've seen roaches that would blow your mind."

Maria leans forward, staring straight at him. "Franklin. I'm going to be blunt. I never, EVER want to know how big roaches can get."

Franklin smiles wider. "Nobody does. If I'm fortunate that's the worst secret I'm taking to my grave."

The bus drops Maria off at her grocery store before circling back around toward your house. You're not sure where Franklin's going, or if he's really going anywhere at all. You pretend to skim through your magazine while he continues to rant, though now about pollution and how it's screwing up the environment. He's not wrong, but aside from a declaration that EM induction fields are "making more ghosts" and that low frequency towers are "waking up things best left sleeping," it's not anything you haven't heard before.

You thank the bus as they drop you off at your house. You check the mail before you walk inside, but alas--no money yet.

Once inside, you make yourself a decent lunch and settle in at your computer.

You do an internet search for the mayor.

Her full name is Rill Parsons. She ran for mayor as left leaning but independent. You confirm what Cici said--that she just appeared out of nowhere. Parsons moved into town not long before running for mayor; this wasn't seen as particularly odd, as the previous mayor, Larry Montane, basically did the same thing. Parsons did almost no campaigning whatsoever (which isn't surprising, if she's not a millionaire or backed by a political party). There's also no hits for her name prior to her showing up and running for mayor.

...There's also no pictures of her online. Zero. Before or after mayor status.

"She's asking questions," said one local police officer who chose to remain anonymous, "which is more than Montane ever did."

"I hope she likes sloppy seconds," said another of the town's residents, Kate Halford, "'cuz ol' Larry's already licked all the corporate boots."

Citizen Marlow Tuck was less enthusiastic about the candidate. "I think she's some kind of vampire," he began. "No [censored], a [censored] vampire. She's still better than what we got. That's how bad things are--heck, if I didn't have a felony on my record, I'd vote for her."

In spite of an absent campaign and refusing to participate in a debate, Rill Parsons still won the election by a pretty convincing margin. Larry Montane moved out of town shortly after.

...And became a senator. Huh.

You were half expecting him to have mysteriously disappeared, but apparently he failed upward with a vengeance.

Other than that, there's not much on her. It doesn't seem like much of note happens in this town--which, again, is not surprising. It's bigger than Addersfield, but not by a lot.

There is one headline of note: Mayor's Office Receives Visit From Federal Agents. However, when you click the link you discover that the article was deleted at some point.

There's another: Mayor's Secretary Detained After Altercation With MondolGroup. Also a dead link.

It's about 1:00 pm.

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2nd Jan 2020, 2:42 AM
Hmm, interesting character. A Vampire is fine too.
Maybe we'll have to pay a visit, if only to ask about the book.
2nd Jan 2020, 2:47 AM
Might as well look up Mondol and the town in general while you are on the computer.
2nd Jan 2020, 3:38 AM
+1. Maybe Google Maps will have a better map of the town than the library did.
2nd Jan 2020, 5:13 AM
As for looking up Mondol, see if there might be any podcasts discussing it. Is Infohazard still running?
2nd Jan 2020, 8:56 AM
+1, also searching for anything on the old library. Redacted links mean we're on the right trail.
2nd Jan 2020, 9:31 AM
+1 to research on the town and Mondol
2nd Jan 2020, 9:45 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 9:47 AM
I would suggest not searching Mondol without at least an Ip Spoofer in place, a solid firewall, and anything else we can drum up to keep them from knowing it's us. Call me paranoid, but a company with that much power may be watching to see who searches them, especially if the provider comes from an area they are having trouble with.
2nd Jan 2020, 2:19 PM
2nd Jan 2020, 3:37 AM
Possibly use the Wayback Machine (or in-universe equivalent) on the deleted article links to see if they'll reappear under a certain date?
2nd Jan 2020, 3:39 AM
+1 VERY good idea
2nd Jan 2020, 4:56 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 6:15 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 7:27 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 9:04 AM
If this works, let's make a habit of saving screenshots of these websites in a truecrypt file or something. Ideally air gapped, but we don't have another computer.
2nd Jan 2020, 9:32 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 10:15 AM
We don't need another computer we could just buy a cheap flash drive for an air gap
2nd Jan 2020, 9:47 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 2:19 PM
2nd Jan 2020, 4:56 AM
Lunar Waffles
Let's not forget about the concert and do so many things we miss it. x:
2nd Jan 2020, 5:14 AM
In a more immediate context, let's not forget lunch!
2nd Jan 2020, 2:33 PM
+1 to both of these things

Edit: I actually missed the line where she ate lunch on my first read-through, we've already taken care of lunch at least!
2nd Jan 2020, 8:58 AM
We should see who the mayor's secretary is.
2nd Jan 2020, 9:31 AM
We should budget some gaming time somewhere between researching and the concert. I imagine the concert will be a draining experience and it'll be beddy-bye time right after it.

I'd recommend Magic Mustachio Extreme Beach Volleyball for experimentation purposes.
Mainly I'm afraid that as we're just before going down a level, Plaire is very likely to get killed and we don't want nega-Plaire to acquire monster-wrangling abilities from Captemon (we can save THAT for the on-death reset).
2nd Jan 2020, 11:13 AM
+1 volleyball today Captemon tomorrow
2nd Jan 2020, 6:32 PM
Sure, +1 to volleyball game.
2nd Jan 2020, 9:34 AM
Once research on Mondol and the town is done, maybe make a video to make some cash? I suggest one that asks people to tell Plaire in the comment section which are the most awesome/useful video game powers of all time.
2nd Jan 2020, 2:33 PM
+1, very clever! Not only does it gather useful information, but it also boosts Plaire's engagement levels and thus bumps her videos upward in The Algorithm :P
2nd Jan 2020, 3:37 PM
+1 let's pray to The Algorithm :)
2nd Jan 2020, 6:32 PM
I agree, this is a good idea.
2nd Jan 2020, 9:44 AM
Franklin knows his stuff, we should talk to him sometime.
2nd Jan 2020, 11:00 AM
2nd Jan 2020, 2:20 PM
2nd Jan 2020, 3:26 PM
Good callbacks here. I especially like 'I've seen roaches that would blow your mind' Hehe synced Fuse.