10th Nov 2019, 3:57 PM

Begin unpacking the last of it

Begin unpacking the last of it
You decide to unpack the last two boxes, which are otherwise just taking up space in your living room.

(Wouldn't want anyone to think you own furniture)

The top box is full of your video games; you take it to your bedroom, through the closed door on the far left side.

(Getting the door open with a box in your arms requires some wiggling)

You unpack your games and place them upon your dresser:

• Crush Souls, a fantasy adventure game with a dark, dismal aesthetic and dating sim elements. Has a reputation for its brutal difficulty.

• Magic Mustachio, a platforming game in a long series about doing sports and rescuing princesses. You mostly played this to help you keep up with the story in its spin off, Chateau Handlebar, about Mustachio's brother (who dates ghosts).

• Captemon, a game about capture demons (or captemons) you can collect and train to fight against each other. You have to mod this one if you want there to be any dating sim in it. And finally,

• Magic Mustachio Extreme Beach Volleyball. If anyone else in your internal monologue asks, yes you also bought this one purely for research reasons

You double check everything else in the room. Your bed, dresser, and computer desk with all your computer equipment and gaming paraphernalia are present and accounted for.

You also check to make sure you still have all your personal items, since you could have dropped something while moving in.

You have: a little money, your keys, and your ID card.

Yup, that's definitely you.

Plaire Stevens
Female, Age 21
5'3" and 98 lbs
Blood Type A
Red Hair, Hazel Eyes
Addersfield, Misuschaqua

The next time you renew your ID card you'll need to get the address changed (since you just moved away from Addersfield). This one won't expire for another four years, though, so there's no real rush.

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10th Nov 2019, 5:01 PM
Get the other box, then go play some Crush Souls!
10th Nov 2019, 5:06 PM
Portal In Time
Seconded! Let's romance some grimdark horrors 😎
10th Nov 2019, 9:29 PM
I would also like to play Crush Souls. Only *after* we're fully unpacked and make sure other chores are complete, though. Otherwise we'll get drawn into the game and take longer than we planned and then things won't get done!
10th Nov 2019, 8:07 PM
10th Nov 2019, 9:44 PM
10th Nov 2019, 11:47 PM
10th Nov 2019, 5:02 PM
woah shes tiny

>What's the neighborhood like?
10th Nov 2019, 5:03 PM
The empty boxes should be thrown out/recycled. I assume that means going outside. So let's do that.
10th Nov 2019, 5:05 PM
We haven't unpacked the second box yet, so we should probably do that first.
10th Nov 2019, 5:07 PM
Loose Cog
Let's install a dating sim mod for Captemons.
10th Nov 2019, 5:11 PM
Let's install and play Captemons
10th Nov 2019, 5:15 PM
I... Sense a general theme among our games. Oh, you should probably turn on the computer to make sure it works properly, and go through and make sure all your software is as it should be.
After that, continue unpacking.
10th Nov 2019, 7:20 PM
10th Nov 2019, 5:20 PM
Maybe after unpacking the second box, we can go check the bathroom and see if we have all the essential toiletries.
10th Nov 2019, 5:47 PM
Unpack the second box and take a look at the house. You know, take it all in and think about how you'll be living here for the foreseeable future.
10th Nov 2019, 6:03 PM
Unpack the second box.

Later I choose Crush Souls if we play a game, though Captekon is a close second.
10th Nov 2019, 6:47 PM
Unpack the other box, and when we play something +1 to volleyball.
10th Nov 2019, 8:14 PM
Make a mental note to acquire curbside furniture.
10th Nov 2019, 9:28 PM
Or go thrifting!
11th Nov 2019, 12:27 PM
+1 to planning a thrift store outing.
11th Nov 2019, 7:43 PM
Forgot my name.
10th Nov 2019, 8:55 PM
I would like to tentatively vote that we step outside for a moment to catch a breath of fresh air, given all the "hard manual labor" that we have performed so far.
10th Nov 2019, 9:27 PM
I agree on unpacking the other box. Checking the bathroom is also a good idea! You always forget or lose *something* when you're moving.

Also we should cover up our webcam when we're not using it. Just to be safe.
11th Nov 2019, 12:28 PM
10th Nov 2019, 9:59 PM
Knowing just how easy it is to lose track of time in a game, let's be responsible and hold off on starting on until we've finished our little to do list; unpacking the second box, and taking a little stroll about the boundaries of our new kingdom. Take in the sights, feel pride in ownership, make sure things are in order.

...We can turn on the computer and start the boot process though.
10th Nov 2019, 10:51 PM
Unpack the second box and have your ambassadors pay a visit to rulers of neighboring countries.
10th Nov 2019, 11:12 PM
You might be reading a bit much into me calling our new house a kingdom. :-p
11th Nov 2019, 7:09 AM
Sure I do. But we still need to establish diplomatic relations with our neighbors.
10th Nov 2019, 11:52 PM
A little money can get alot of pizza? Maybe there's a local place that delivers.

Try getting something to eat, oh, and probably unpack the remaining boxes too.
11th Nov 2019, 4:25 AM
Lemon Wolf
Do a handstand to establish dominance.
11th Nov 2019, 12:39 PM
Even though we all want to start playing, there is still a box to unpack. Oh, and don't forget to make sure your internet and other utilities are in order/working. don't want to take a shower only to realize the water is turned off.
8th Jun 2020, 2:31 AM
Five-three and ninety-eight pounds? That is terrifyingly thin.