28th Sep 2022, 12:17 AM



Forging yellow port modification . . .

Operation successful

1 / 1 internal talisman slots installed

The talisman charges

"Oh, damn," Kate mumbles. "What'd you say earlier? Him big?"

"Him big," you confirm.

"Ahh," the trades man booms, "I recognize both of you."

You crack a smile under your helmet. "Trades man, meet my other other accomplice."

"I'm the cool one," Kate adds.

"It's good that you informed me," the trades man replies, "as I would not have picked up on that otherwise."

"How's it been?," you ask.

"No one has traversed this section of the alcazar since your last visit," the trades man states.

... oh, shit?

uhhh shit okay

After taking a second to process, you follow up by trying not to sound too panicked. "Uhhh if somebody DID visit, hypothetically, what are the odds it'd be the same person that taped you up before?"

"Likely," the trades man tells you, "almost guaranteed."

"What's that mean?," Kate whispers;

you breathe out... slowly. "Somebody's been down here and it wasn't Vainglory." You tilt your gaze back up to the trades man. "Is everything like... intact? Has any damage been done...?" You know that sounds vague but you're still kind of getting used to this verbal dancing around thing

The trades man replies: "All of your work has come unraveled. The wound once sealed is again exposed."

. . .

You squint, and toss a half confused glance toward Kate. You work through it out loud, both so she can follow along and because uhhh what? "So somebody's been down here but they didn't fuck with our seal on the miasmatic wound."

Kate's only silent for a moment. "...They didn't fuck with it yet."

You snap your head skyward. "Are we the only outsiders on this floor CURRENTLY?"

"Yes," says the trades man.

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28th Sep 2022, 12:58 AM
Whoops, we did a choir thing and missed some stuff. Immediately check everything closely, the ceiling, the floor, the walls, behind and on top of our friendly pillar-esque lovecraftian horror. Proceed with similar caution after tradesmen business concludes.
28th Sep 2022, 1:13 AM
+1, beware of monster attacks as well!
28th Sep 2022, 1:25 AM
1) Should ask Plaire what changed. Ideally, quick glance so that there isn't much time wasted
2) We have missed some time of Plaire being there... this means we should also ask her what happened while we were "rebooting".
"Hey, we tried to install some upgrade, what did we miss and do you fill anything different?"
28th Sep 2022, 1:29 AM
28th Sep 2022, 3:11 AM
Also a +1
28th Sep 2022, 11:01 AM
If we can't actually say what was installed, this will only be worrieing and confusing. We don't even know what happened really. Also WEdidnt install anything, we just accepted its installation on plairs behalf. Also, is it installed in pairs mind, or is it installed in us?
28th Sep 2022, 1:26 AM
Hey Plaire we left a funny in your brain. Check it out. Tell us what it does.
Oh also we were gone for a bit, please think to yourself the previous events for us? If we might have missed anything important.
Guessing you just used the room to teleport down here though. Think that's how that works. We probably didn't miss anything.

Please do check out the funny though and see what it does.
28th Sep 2022, 1:29 AM
28th Sep 2022, 1:56 AM
28th Sep 2022, 3:26 AM
28th Sep 2022, 4:33 AM
28th Sep 2022, 1:40 AM
"The talisman charges

…correct me if I'm wrong, but that wasn't there a minute ago, was it? I read the page, realised that I'd missed the last update, went back and read it… and then got notified of another update. And when I went back and reviewed, this charging message had appeared, and I'm pretty confident it wasn't there before.

Are we suddenly on a timer?
28th Sep 2022, 2:12 AM
Nah. I think we were just out for the duration that it was charging.
I think it should be at 100% now.
28th Sep 2022, 1:30 PM
1% as I'm looking at it, now.
28th Sep 2022, 1:40 AM
Questiones for big mans:
-What does the intruder look like?
-Did they speak to the trades man? What did they say?
-Any indication of where they went or what they were doing?

-Ask about what the men with weird heads might be. Ask if doing so will truly delay the inevitable.

After that, but perhaps not immediately so, we should consider finding this intruder.
28th Sep 2022, 1:52 AM
Revising the questions, it would prompt more specificity if we asked:
What does the intruder not look like?
Did they speak to the trades man? What didn't they say?
Where didn't they go, and what weren't they up to?
28th Sep 2022, 1:49 AM
Okay Plaire don't freak out but we put some sort of talisman in your brain. It's currently charging.
Anyways we should ask what relevant information is definitely not true of this person. Like for instance are they definitely not nearby?
28th Sep 2022, 3:13 AM
I think it was our port that is getting modified, not Plaire’s.
28th Sep 2022, 2:21 AM
Hey, friend. So if we were to go looking for a hypothetical intruder, what shouldn't we be looking for? Like... what would be totally, completely normal to see?

Have you *spoken* to anyone besides us lately? If not, imagine a hypothetical in which they had spoken to you. What would you have kept to yourself?

A friend asked us to "wake the men with weird heads". We have a guess that they may be talking about more Trades Men, or possibly even Tradesmen. Is that the case? If so, do you have any idea what our friend was talking about? If not, where should we steer clear of if we wanted to find them?

Hopefully that's translated well enough into Trades Man.
28th Sep 2022, 3:14 AM
Then again, actually, we may want to just ask the one that's the most relevant, and come back for the rest later.

What turns should we take if we want to reach the best room for avoiding meeting new people?
28th Sep 2022, 4:19 AM
considering Vainglory could be invisible Plaire should ask if the intruder is in the room
(or isnt i guess) as it might have magic if its an outsider
28th Sep 2022, 4:29 AM
"In this room with us?" if the answer is 'yes' - "Right or left?"
28th Sep 2022, 7:22 AM
Here's a couple of topics to discuss in front of the Tradesman. How does an alcazar's ownership change? Cici's going to eventually get the idea in her head (for bonus XP) that the party use the Old Library alcazar to field more party members per night. It's not out of the question that the witches connected the two alcazars with a wormhole or something, so you could conceivably field double the party in your alcazar, in addition to greater party XP gains per night.

It won't work if the Library doesn't recognize a new owner, however; it'll just turn into double-accomplice, and we've learned the lesson do not double accomplice. Hence, we ask about how one gains ownership of an alcazar.

(He might also volunteer a statement when you theorize about an alcazar wormhole.)

On another topic, Talk about Heart Magic. Acedia's a powerful witch, and she's trapped in the alcazar's Heart. Heart Magic is involved in the existence of the Heart Rooms, and the blood note. Could there be greater magic that she could perform? She's not visibly doing much; on the one hand, it could be she has her hands full trying to keep the situation from deteriorating, and she doesn't have the power to spare to do much more. On the other, there might be something more that she could do, but which would be wasted without the help of someone outside.

Suppose she could level-down a specific Miasmatic Wound for one night. Well, Plaire would need to know about the level-down effect, and how to find the Wound that night. Otherwise, Acedia's wasted magic that could have been better used on something else.

Suppose it costs a day or two off of the Heart Countdown to do that; successfully closing a Wound could yield six days again. That makes the payoff worth the cost, but only if Plaire can do her part.

Heart Magic could involve such big costs and big payoffs, so talk about it in the presence of the Tradesman. It's less about asking questions, more like trusting that he'll chime in if he's got something to contribute.

Final topic: You got a Choir flashback that was apparently Vainglory's, mentioning that she got a Tradesman she liked. Is that this Tradesman? Did she like him because he's like this, or was he more normal then, but got cursed later?
28th Sep 2022, 12:55 PM
This is definitely worth discussing with the Tradesman. We should do that after we deal with the intruder and asking intruder-based-questions to the Tradesman.
28th Sep 2022, 7:25 AM
we still don't know what the tailsman does right?
28th Sep 2022, 9:40 AM
We don't even know how it will work:
- does it have to charge to full before usage, or can we put like 25% in and tap it?
- does it take the whole charge (in which case I expect the effect intensity to increase alongside), or just a set amount (givig more uses with higher charge)?
- is there a cooldown after use?
- is there extra cost per use or did we pay upfront by modifying the yellow protocol?
Plaire has to be aware of it to test all that, and the outsider could end up more pressing right now.
28th Sep 2022, 7:52 AM
Oh shit. I think our highest priority should be finding and identifying this other intruder. And if we don't find them at the wound, we ought to go make sure the wound is secure afterwards, if only because putting the seal on last time was a huge pain and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
28th Sep 2022, 8:12 AM
28th Sep 2022, 8:27 AM
28th Sep 2022, 1:27 PM
28th Sep 2022, 9:37 AM
Ahh so that was the cost (I hope), missing out on some dungeon shenanigans. Reeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Ah well, worth. <3
So Plaire, uh, WE DID A THING. *Tells Plaire about that thing we sent her*

Also oh dear don't panic, but also INTRUDER ALERT, EVERYONE PANIC!!
D: *armflails*
28th Sep 2022, 11:02 AM
Suggest plair attempts to open in game menus again as we seem to have poked some wires back here.