14th Nov 2019, 4:24 PM
Try 91 14 01 60 44 on the door

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Try 91 14 01 60 44 on the door
You take a little bit to examine the bookshelf. You thumb through a few books (especially Me & My .44, which you're certain is big enough to contain a .44), but find nothing especially helpful about or inside the books themselves... or the bookshelf, for that matter. No hidden switches, no keys taped to the underside... just books on a shelf.

The door's locked, and sports a flip-up panel with numerical dials. It requires five numbers, two digits each. With only the books to work with, you begin working through the process of cracking the code.

After a little deduction, you input 91-14-01-60-44.

Nothing happens.

You try 01-91-44-60-14.




The panic begins to set in as sludge continues to fill the room. You look back at the books, eyeing one in particular--At the Gold End? The atomic number of gold is 79--maybe there's a 79 in there? And there's a book you didn't use at all, Where Did She--


You push through the goop back to your bed, which is already disappearing under the black surface. You reach under the pillow first, praying it's here and not under the bed or you're going to have to dunk your head--

--yes! There's an extra book hidden under your pillow. However

the flood has risen high enough to reach it. The spine and front cover are drenched, and stained; you try to wipe it off, but it just smears more green-black over the title.

You take a deep breath.

The other clues were concealed in the titles and... maybe the colors? But the actual text was normal. Maybe, maaaybe this one extra book had its clue inside rather than outside...

You wince.

The vast majority of the inside is also sopping wet. You can barely get a grip on a dry corner to peel the pages apart.

As long as it's not on a specific page...

You only need...

a little bit...

You sneak a peek

and every page you can see

every line

just repeats the number 79.

Over and over.

That confirms that number, but why the hint about gold only to just lay the number out like this? Why would two clues suggest the same number...? That's just poor--

You need to focus.

You rush back to the door, the numbers mostly obscured by the rising blackness. It's harder to see what you're doing and harder to turn the dials, but you manage to put in 91-14-79-60-44.



No. You're very confident about these numbers. Those have to be the numbers.

You suspect they may need to be in a different order.

You hear another section of the ceiling burst. You turn, just to make sure nothing came out--but no, only more of that oily sludge. You don't have much time left.

You glance out the barred but otherwise open port in the door; when the water(?) reaches here it'll start to drain, but this opening's too small to keep up with how fast that gunk is coming in.

Outside looks like a hallway in a similar style to this room. A very thin shadow cast on the far wall disappears to the right just as you focus on it.

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14th Nov 2019, 5:13 PM
O.K. I'm liking what I see. Been thinking long and hard since yesterday, and with 79 confirmed as a number, I think the order is 91-60-14(or 41)-44-79.

So, in order, 91 is first because of the pink book U No Midori. Midori being "Green" and U no condensing to uno, meaning one. Green one, the green book goes in the fist slot. Simple enough, one down.

60 comes from the brown book, "The length of a Minute". That being 60 seconds, and thus, 60 goes in the second slot. Again simple.

The third slot, little bit more obtuse, and one of the ones I was least confident about before the todays update. But it's all in the purple book, "Charlie turns 14". The only thing really going for it is Charlie starting with C, and C=3, but the fact that Charlie is the C in military call sign language/the NATO alphabet, rather than any other name sinches it. Though the number *may* need to be flipped turnways to 41 'cause of the Turn in the middle of the title.

"Me and My .44." That one sits exactly in the fourth position cause of it's self and the two books above it, "Death Wears Blue" and the blue book "It Waits Below" A .44 is a fairly known type of gun, a revolver I believe, and 4 means death in Chinese. So with the double connotation with death, it clearly goes with the blue book, (as decreed by "Death Wears Blue") and waits below in the fourth slot, right where it already is.

Finally, We have the two books on the ends, the red one "At the Gold End," and the gold one "Where did She Sleep?" Even before the page I was about as confident as I was with 3rd position that it would be gold's atomic number in the last slot, but the clue from the book on the bed sinches in clearly.

Altogether, 91-60-14(or 41)-44-79 seems to be the only really clear answer, and I'd stake, well maybe not lives on it, but a lot. I'll also add a shoutout to the folks on discord for coming up with at least half of the answers here.
14th Nov 2019, 5:41 PM
This all seems to line up and is the general consensus so far in the discord. It gets my vote.

14th Nov 2019, 5:54 PM
it's a bullet caliber that's basically just used for revolvers other than like, 3 pistols that I know of. due to it being a magnum rimed cartridge. Speaking of, "Me and my .44" is about the right size to hide one of the snub nose type .44 revolvers, might as well have a peak.
but yeah +1 other wise
14th Nov 2019, 6:03 PM
Lunar Waffles
+1, also, we already looked for a gun.
14th Nov 2019, 6:54 PM
+1 to this because the explanation is very through and once I figured out how to see the books I 100% agreed with the line up that was just stated the only thing I disagree with is 41 that is just to complicated a trick to be done this early in the story
14th Nov 2019, 7:44 PM
+1 because you guys are entirely too good at weirdass obfuscated riddles like this. I mean seriously, wow. :o
15th Nov 2019, 3:35 PM
Keep 14 since Plaire is very sure of it.

Also holy batman this feels way more intense already.
14th Nov 2019, 5:18 PM
14-60-44-91-79 would be in ascending order if they were adding the digits (5)-(6)-(8)-(10)-(16).

It also has the advantage of 79 (At Gold's End) being at the end.
14th Nov 2019, 6:48 PM
u no midori can also be read as Uno Midori which when translated to English is 1 green
14th Nov 2019, 6:22 PM
How about this for a really bad, last ditch, almost guaranteed to fail idea. We just put all 5 numbers as 79.

I'm only offering this as the very last resort if anyall other ideas and number combinations fail. After all, like the protagonist thought, 79 is the only number that's been hinted twice and it's the only thing written inside a book (repeatedly) that's been of note.
14th Nov 2019, 9:24 PM
it hasnt been tried yet and seems obvious with the new info to me but i think the code is 91-14-60-44-79. the other option in my opinion is 79-91-14-60-44, as the book says gold end but not which end.
14th Nov 2019, 9:39 PM
Well this looks terrible. If none of the combinations work, perhaps we could climb the bookshelf and attempt to escape through the ceiling? I realize that this sort of sidesteps the puzzle entirely, but I also would not like it if Plaire drowned on page 7.
15th Nov 2019, 6:15 AM
I have a feeling that if we don't solve this puzzle that we will be switching to a detective who's investigating the strange death of a young woman who drowned on an unknown fluid in her bed.
15th Nov 2019, 10:18 AM
Good! I managed to catch this comic before it got too far. Really liking the vibe. The general consensus seems to work best here. Lots of good use of symbolism.